Bring Home a Taste of Brazil

Treat yourself to our Brazilian cuts of meat available at our meat shop in Fall River, MA

Never settle for subpar steaks. When you're looking for a quality cut of meat, you need Freeboi Meat Market. Our Brazilian cuts of meat are thick, fresh and perfectly proportioned. We have plenty of experience working with only the finest beef, pork and chicken. No matter what you're looking for, you can rest assured you're getting tasty tenderloins, breasts and picanha cuts.

We have just about every type of meat and fish available. You can even buy chicken hearts from our counter. We have plenty of cuts of beef available, including:

  • Acém: neck
  • Alcatra: top/ bottom sirloin
  • Contra-filé: tenderloin
  • Coxão duro: round (upper)
  • Coxão mole: round (lower)
  • Filé mignon: part of the tenderloin
  • Lagarto: round (outer)
  • Maminha: botton sirloin/flank
  • Patinho: a confluence of flank, bottom sirloin and rear shank
  • Cupim: hump (zebu cattle only)
  • Fraldinha: a confluence of short loin, flank and bottom sirloin
  • Paleta: chuck/ brisket
  • Picanha: rump cap
We even have some preseasoned options. Shop for Brazilian cuts of meat today at our meat shop in Fall River, MA.

Learn more about the picanha cut

Learn more about the picanha cut

Picanha is a cut of beef taken from the top part of the cow's rump. Also known as culotte, rump cap or top sirloin cap, the picanha cut is incredibly popular in Brazil. You don't have to go all the way to Rio to enjoy a juicy picanha steak. We have it right here.

Order a picanha cut from us now in Fall River, MA.